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Fraudulent wire transfers cost home buyers and sellers thousands

It is illegal to participate in any kind of white collar crime. The worst are sometimes those that directly impact homeowners and families. The impact these crimes have on individuals can be devastating. That's why you need to defend yourself immediately if you're accused of participating in a scam or fraudulent activities.

Woman charged for welfare fraud, claims innocence

Welfare fraud is a serious crime, because it takes money out of a very necessary system and away from those who need it. It's there for people who can't work or who are struggling to live. When someone takes advantage of the system, the authorities have the right to act.

Are tax return mistakes the same as tax evasion?

You received a notice in the mail that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) found errors in a past year's return. Now, they want to perform an audit. You're worried you could be accused of a crime like tax evasion if your returns come back inaccurate.

The expense of a white-collar defense and why it matters

Defending yourself against a white-collar crime can be costly and time consuming, but it's something that needs to be done to protect yourself. In two prominent white-collar cases, the defendants spent upwards of $30 million on their defenses. That's extreme, but it shows the importance of working with the right attorney for your case. On top of that, a conviction can lead to many years in prison and extreme financial penalties.

What is corporate fraud?

White-collar crimes are crimes committed to gain assets, either financial or otherwise. The idea is that the person committing the crime obtains assets without losing any in the process. Some people use white-collar fraud to secure advantages in business that they otherwise would not have.

Why criminal defense for white collar crimes is worth the cost

Mounting a criminal defense can be expensive, but it grows in cost the longer you wait to defend yourself. For instance, in the case of one former billionaire, he spent over $40 million trying to defend himself against charges of insider trading. That doesn't count the ongoing appeal. In the meantime, he's in prison. Another person involved is covered by his company, but he's spent close to $30 million. He is, though, out of prison pending an appeal.

What is identity theft, and what are some examples?

You may not think that borrowing a loved one's credit card will get you into trouble, and you could think that using someone else's name to make an appointment is fine. However, if those people decide to charge you with a crime, you can face a mark on your record for participating in a federal crime.

What's embezzlement?

If you're accused of stealing money or assets from a company, you could be in serious trouble and face federal charges. It's important to defend yourself immediately, so you don't go do something that can lead to an unfair conviction.

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