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Involuntary manslaughter: What it means in Minnesota

You were driving when you hit another vehicle. You never intended for anyone to get hurt, but someone was thrown and ended up with fatal injuries. Now, you face criminal charges. What kinds of charges could you face, and will you be looked at as a murderer?

Accused of stopping an emergency call? There's help for you

Interfering with emergency services is a very serious crime that can be penalized in Minnesota. Interrupting a 911 call is punishable by law in Minnesota. What that means is that no person can stop another from calling 911 in any circumstances or force the person to hang up the phone.

Copyright infringement: You have a number of defense options

If you've been accused of violating someone's copyright, you can be in deep trouble with the law if you don't defend yourself right away. Your attorney can help you decide on a number of potential defensive options, from admitting to copying a person's work to denying that you've ever seen the work in the past.

What is tax evasion?

Every year, you're required to file your tax return as accurately as possible. While most people make a good effort to do so, others may try to avoid paying taxes completely. Avoiding paying taxes can lead to tax evasion charges that you have to defend against in court.

What kinds of fraud are there?

Fraud comes in many forms, from medical to mail fraud. Fraud itself is a broadened term that refers to a fraudulent act. When a person commits fraud, he or she has deceived a victim in order to gain an asset of some form, whether monetary or not.

Facing federal gun charges? You can defend yourself

Although the Second Amendment gives you the right to bear arms, that doesn't mean you don't have to follow the laws associated with owning a gun. For instance, in Minnesota, you can be found guilty of a gross misdemeanor if you carry a loaded rifle or BB gun without a permit unless you're taking it to or from a place where you will be hunting, target shooting, selling, trading or displaying the weapon.

How can you defend yourself against robbery charges?

If you're involved in a robbery or are accused of being involved in one, your defense is of the utmost importance. Your reputation can easily be destroyed by the media and coverage following the case, even if it's found that you're innocent. Protecting yourself is the key, and that's done with the right kind of defense.

Man faces charges for counts of possessing child pornography

Exploiting children is a crime in itself, but seeking out, possessing or sharing child pornography can land you in serious trouble with the law. The possession or distribution of child pornography can be charged at the federal level. What do you do if you've been caught up in someone else's crimes, though? Take for instance this following case, in which a man allegedly used Wi-Fi at his apartment complex to download child pornography. In the wrong circumstances, others besides the person downloading the content could be accused of using their network providers to access this information, particularly if the downloader doesn't want to have the downloads linked back to them. In that case, the person whose Wi-Fi has been used would need to defend him or herself against allegations for crimes they never committed. Fortunately, that didn't happen in this case in St. Cloud.

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