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You can fight drug conviction charges to clear your name

Minnesota does give the option of alternative penalties following a drug conviction. The drug court's aim is to reduce the rate of re-offenses, which means that helping those who are struggling with drug abuse is more important than imprisoning them. Those convicted of low-level drug offenses may be able to seek out drug addiction recovery assistance instead of having to go to jail, for example.

What you can do if your rental car had drugs in it

When you chose to use a rental car, the last thing that you imagined was that there would be drugs in your vehicle. You happened to get pulled over because of reports of a similar vehicle being involved in a drug-related incident. You knew you didn't do anything wrong, so you let the police search your vehicle. Unfortunately, they found what you didn't know was in your car, a secret stash of drugs ditched to avoid an arrest. Now you face the arrest.

3 arrested in substantial drug bust in Minnesota

A sudden drug bust can be a surprise, especially if you have been caught in the act. In these situations, the police have to have a reason to come into your home or to look inside your vehicle. Without the right warrants or reasonable suspicion, you can still defend yourself and have your attorney raise concerns about how the case has been handled.

These drug charges can land you in prison in Minnesota

Drug possession may not seem like it should be as serious as other kinds of drug crimes, but even simply having the drug in your home, car or pockets can put you at risk of serious penalties. The following penalties for drug possession apply to Minnesota and your case; you should defend yourself immediately to lower your risk of facing charges with these penalties.

Third-degree murder charges — are they fair for drug dealers?

When a person uses drugs illegally and overdoses, it's not just that person who was committing a crime. The person who sold the drugs to the victim can be accused of crimes that can include murder in some cases. Is that fair? That's a question asked in a recent news article about a young man who passed away.

What kinds of penalties do you face for drug charges?

Being charged with a drug crime can be scary, but educating yourself on the potential penalties can help you decide the best way to defend yourself in your case. By understanding the worst penalties you can receive, you can work with your attorney to get your punishments lessened or eliminated.

3 accused of transporting and selling drugs in investigation

Drug charges are serious; they can be filed at the state or federal level, making it possible for you to face a prison sentence or heavy fines. As someone accused, it's important to make your defense strong, so you can avoid unfair consequences.

You can fight back against drug charges in Minnesota

Defending yourself when you're accused of a crime like selling or using drugs is important not only for your current life and reputation, but also for your future. Being convicted for drug crimes can affect your ability to get a job, good housing or other important necessities, as many charges will be on your record as felonies.

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