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Is there a difference between criminal and civil harassment?

Criminal and civil harassment are different, and charges for these actions range from misdemeanors to felonies. Usually, criminal harassment simply refers to a person who targets someone else and then behaves in a way that terrorizes, annoys or otherwise alarms the person. The behavior must be a credible threat for it to be considered harassment.

What are the options for criminal defense?

Defending yourself against a criminal charge is possible if you know where to start. There are a few basic defenses that could work in your case, or your attorney may want to help you come up with something more unique for your situation. The two most basic defenses are "I didn't do it," and "I did it, but I shouldn't be held accountable."

What curfew laws can mean for minors

Curfew laws are in place to help keep minors off the streets and at home at a reasonable time. The laws prohibit people under 18 from being in public or at a business establishment during particular times of the day, usually between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., although those times differ by city, state and every neighborhood.

How does a plea bargain work?

If you've been arrested and are facing a potential trial, one thing your attorney may talk to you about is plea bargaining. A plea bargain isn't something that only occurs in special circumstances. In fact, it's often a practical alternative for the court systems, which would be overwhelmed with cases if they couldn't be settled outside the courtroom.

Woman claims criminal sexual conduct by priest

Here's an unusual story about a priest who has been charged with criminal sexual conduct for an incident that took place during private Mass in a woman's parents' Minnesota home in 2010. The 33-year-old priest has been charged with two counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct by clergy. His attorney claims that he is innocent and that the charges are being placed for the woman's own personal gain. If you have a case like this one, understand that consent may not be a good defense for you.

These defenses can help you protect your reputation

If you've been accused of being involved in a robbery, your life and liberty could be at risk. Fortunately, there are defenses you can use to protect yourself. For instance, you can claim that you're innocent of the crime, or you can show that you did commit the crime but were intoxicated.

Defense leads to charges being dismissed in burglary case

When you're accused of a crime, it's up to you and your defense attorney to create a defense that helps you eliminate or lessen the charges against you. While you may not be able to have all the charges eliminated, reducing them can save you thousands of dollars and even prevent you from having to go to prison. One solid defense that is often used looks at probable cause. If the police have no reason to get a warrant or to stop you, then the entire case could be thrown out in court or evidence could be suppressed.

What the Fifth Amendment does for you

As someone fighting to defend him or herself, it's important that you have the knowledge of what you should and should not do in court. Many times, it's better that you don't speak at all, instead invoking your Fifth Amendment rights. These rights protect you in more ways than one.

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