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December 2016 Archives

Copyright infringement: You have a number of defense options

If you've been accused of violating someone's copyright, you can be in deep trouble with the law if you don't defend yourself right away. Your attorney can help you decide on a number of potential defensive options, from admitting to copying a person's work to denying that you've ever seen the work in the past.

How does a plea bargain work?

If you've been arrested and are facing a potential trial, one thing your attorney may talk to you about is plea bargaining. A plea bargain isn't something that only occurs in special circumstances. In fact, it's often a practical alternative for the court systems, which would be overwhelmed with cases if they couldn't be settled outside the courtroom.

Driving drunk? Here's why you should find another way

Mothers Against Drunk Driving stands against drivers who choose to drink and drive, and for the holiday season, they have asked drivers to take more care. The holidays are times when alcohol can be aplenty, so making arrangements for a safe drive home is important to your safety and the safety of others.

3 arrested in substantial drug bust in Minnesota

A sudden drug bust can be a surprise, especially if you have been caught in the act. In these situations, the police have to have a reason to come into your home or to look inside your vehicle. Without the right warrants or reasonable suspicion, you can still defend yourself and have your attorney raise concerns about how the case has been handled.

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