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Defense leads to charges being dismissed in burglary case

When you're accused of a crime, it's up to you and your defense attorney to create a defense that helps you eliminate or lessen the charges against you. While you may not be able to have all the charges eliminated, reducing them can save you thousands of dollars and even prevent you from having to go to prison. One solid defense that is often used looks at probable cause. If the police have no reason to get a warrant or to stop you, then the entire case could be thrown out in court or evidence could be suppressed.

What is corporate fraud?

White-collar crimes are crimes committed to gain assets, either financial or otherwise. The idea is that the person committing the crime obtains assets without losing any in the process. Some people use white-collar fraud to secure advantages in business that they otherwise would not have.

What kinds of fraud are there?

Fraud comes in many forms, from medical to mail fraud. Fraud itself is a broadened term that refers to a fraudulent act. When a person commits fraud, he or she has deceived a victim in order to gain an asset of some form, whether monetary or not.

What the Fifth Amendment does for you

As someone fighting to defend him or herself, it's important that you have the knowledge of what you should and should not do in court. Many times, it's better that you don't speak at all, instead invoking your Fifth Amendment rights. These rights protect you in more ways than one.

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