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August 2016 Archives

Driver impairment and the law

A DUI, which is a driving under the influence charge, is a crime for someone who has driven a vehicle while under the effects of either drugs or alcohol. The drugs do not have to be illicit; in fact, prescription drug use can also lead to this charge. If you're stopped and questioned about your driving, know that you do have a right to speak with your attorney. If you are asked to perform a sobriety test, you should start your defense at that moment.

Facing federal gun charges? You can defend yourself

Although the Second Amendment gives you the right to bear arms, that doesn't mean you don't have to follow the laws associated with owning a gun. For instance, in Minnesota, you can be found guilty of a gross misdemeanor if you carry a loaded rifle or BB gun without a permit unless you're taking it to or from a place where you will be hunting, target shooting, selling, trading or displaying the weapon.

Third-degree murder charges — are they fair for drug dealers?

When a person uses drugs illegally and overdoses, it's not just that person who was committing a crime. The person who sold the drugs to the victim can be accused of crimes that can include murder in some cases. Is that fair? That's a question asked in a recent news article about a young man who passed away.

Can a driving under the influence charge be expunged?

As a young adult, you may have made some poor decisions. Should those decisions affect you for your entire life? In many cases, they shouldn't. For instance, if you have a conviction or have been arrested for driving under the influence, you may be wondering if you can have the charge expunged. While expungement laws vary by state, attempting to have your DUI sealed is a good idea. Taking it out of the public eye can help you open up opportunities for work and housing that you may otherwise be turned down for.

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