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July 2016 Archives

Why criminal defense for white collar crimes is worth the cost

Mounting a criminal defense can be expensive, but it grows in cost the longer you wait to defend yourself. For instance, in the case of one former billionaire, he spent over $40 million trying to defend himself against charges of insider trading. That doesn't count the ongoing appeal. In the meantime, he's in prison. Another person involved is covered by his company, but he's spent close to $30 million. He is, though, out of prison pending an appeal.

Rapper claims self-defense against kidnapping, assault charge

If someone comes into your house and causes damage, you can file a complaint and have the police remove him or her. Taking steps to calm down an unexpected party or to stop a trespasser isn't always legal, and it can lead to you facing charges even though you were defending yourself and property. In that kind of case, your attorney can help you devise a defense to show that you were only reacting to a threat to your safety.

You can defend yourself against a felony charge

A felony DWI can be charged if you've been charged and arrested for your fourth DWI in the last 10 years. If you've previously been convicted of a felony DWI, then you can also be charged with a felony again. If you have a prior felony conviction for impaired driving-related homicides or injuries, then that will also likely lead to a felony charge if you are arrested again.

How can you defend yourself against robbery charges?

If you're involved in a robbery or are accused of being involved in one, your defense is of the utmost importance. Your reputation can easily be destroyed by the media and coverage following the case, even if it's found that you're innocent. Protecting yourself is the key, and that's done with the right kind of defense.

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