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June 2016 Archives

The defenses for assault and battery

If you're accused of assault and battery, you know that it's important to defend yourself. From the moment the charges are placed, you may find that your reputation is damaged; friends and family may question your story, your job may put you on probation or fire you for breaches in policy, and you may struggle within your social circles. Avoiding this is possible; You deserve the right to live without the allegations being treated as fact.

Man faces charges for counts of possessing child pornography

Exploiting children is a crime in itself, but seeking out, possessing or sharing child pornography can land you in serious trouble with the law. The possession or distribution of child pornography can be charged at the federal level. What do you do if you've been caught up in someone else's crimes, though? Take for instance this following case, in which a man allegedly used Wi-Fi at his apartment complex to download child pornography. In the wrong circumstances, others besides the person downloading the content could be accused of using their network providers to access this information, particularly if the downloader doesn't want to have the downloads linked back to them. In that case, the person whose Wi-Fi has been used would need to defend him or herself against allegations for crimes they never committed. Fortunately, that didn't happen in this case in St. Cloud.

You can fight drunk driving charges and prevent a biased trial

The consequences of a charge for driving under the influence can be devastating to you. You could lose your license, be imprisoned or be fined extraordinary amounts. Fortunately, you will likely only face a misdemeanor unless you've been previously charged or someone is injured in an accident.

What kinds of penalties do you face for drug charges?

Being charged with a drug crime can be scary, but educating yourself on the potential penalties can help you decide the best way to defend yourself in your case. By understanding the worst penalties you can receive, you can work with your attorney to get your punishments lessened or eliminated.

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