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May 2016 Archives

What is identity theft, and what are some examples?

You may not think that borrowing a loved one's credit card will get you into trouble, and you could think that using someone else's name to make an appointment is fine. However, if those people decide to charge you with a crime, you can face a mark on your record for participating in a federal crime.

New law promotes harsher penalties for repeat drunk drivers

In Minnesota, drunk drivers already face heavy penalties and the risk of high fines and long prison sentences. If you're stopped for drinking and driving, you could face years in prison, even if you weren't involved in an accident that resulted in injuries. Just driving under the influence is enough to get you locked up in some cases.

The kinds of criminal defense strategies you can try

When you're accused of a crime, one of the things you'll want to do right away is to determine the kind of defense you want to use in court. There are many kinds of criminal defense strategies, from those that agree that you did participate in a crime to those that claim innocence.

What's embezzlement?

If you're accused of stealing money or assets from a company, you could be in serious trouble and face federal charges. It's important to defend yourself immediately, so you don't go do something that can lead to an unfair conviction.

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