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March 2016 Archives

Minors in possession and the defenses that work

A minor in possession is anyone under the age of 21 who is in possession of alcohol. Many states have laws regarding what happens if a minor has alcohol; these laws are meant to help educate minors on how dangerous drinking and driving is, to help involve minors in community services, and to help those who need chemical dependency treatment get that help.

Ex-felons to receive voting rights in some states

If you've been convicted of a felony, one of the things you know you're unable to do is to vote. Maryland, along with other states, has started to look at the legality of this situation and is making it easier for ex-felons to get their voices heard. This is good for you if you want to make sure you get heard in the upcoming Presidential election or even for votes taken around your city.

3 accused of transporting and selling drugs in investigation

Drug charges are serious; they can be filed at the state or federal level, making it possible for you to face a prison sentence or heavy fines. As someone accused, it's important to make your defense strong, so you can avoid unfair consequences.

What is a DWI in Minnesota?

The driving while intoxicated laws in Minnesota are clear on when you can and cannot be behind the wheel of a car. As someone who needs to defend him or herself against a DWI charge, the best option for you may be to prove you weren't driving while intoxicated or that you had a reasonable belief that you weren't intoxicated. If you can prove the testing was performed in an illegal way or wasn't collected correctly, you may also be able to have your charge reduced or eliminated.

You can fight back against drug charges in Minnesota

Defending yourself when you're accused of a crime like selling or using drugs is important not only for your current life and reputation, but also for your future. Being convicted for drug crimes can affect your ability to get a job, good housing or other important necessities, as many charges will be on your record as felonies.

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