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The differences between federal and state courts

When you're charged with a federal crime, the potential penalties are generally higher than those for state crimes. On top of that, you'll potentially have to wait longer for your case to be heard. As someone facing federal charges, your defense being strong is the best chance you have of getting your case dropped or the charges lowered. Your attorney may want to try to get your case brought to state courts instead of federal, or he or she may need to prepare you for the differences in each court.

TRF man cleared of murder

Thief River Falls, MN (WDAZ-TV) - Not guilty.  trf.jpg It took a Pennington County jury about an hour to clear an accused murderer, determining he was acting in self-defense. 

Defend yourself against white-collar crime charges

Wire fraud is a serious crime that, if you're convicted, can land you with serious penalties and fines. A normal wire-fraud scheme uses personal information to transfer money out of a banking account and into another. One of the most common kinds is known as telemarketing fraud, which is when a person misrepresents themselves and takes money from the person on the other end of the line.

You can fight criminal charges for a white collar crime

Being accused of a white collar crime can put you in a difficult position. You're where you are in business because you have a good reputation; even the idea that you've been involved in fraud or other criminal acts could put your future at risk. What can you do, though, to protect yourself?

What is a self-defense claim?

What is self-defense? It's a good defense for a crime if you had to fight back to protect yourself from being injured. It's accepted in most cases that people who are under threat will fight back and potentially even break laws to keep themselves safe. As a defense option in court, self-defense can be used to show why someone would attack, hurt or kill another person.

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