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October 2015 Archives

Harsh penalties lead to overflowing prison populations

Minnesota is struggling with a growing prison population, but what's the cause? According to a report from Oct. 22, the growth in the prisons is directly linked to the state's harsh penalties for drunk driving and drug use or sales. Should you have to face time behind bars for drunk driving alone? It's something your attorney should help you with, so you can try to avoid being in prisons that are already overflowing.

School accused of fraud after accreditation lapse

If you are educating students, you do the best you can to make sure your programs are up to date. Sometimes, changes in the law require a short time before degrees or programs will be accredited. In lieu of a license, in that case, the school generally gives confirmation to those employers calling to discuss the student's potential job opportunity. If the school lies or doesn't get the program accredited, then a claim could be made, but when it's taking the right steps, then the school's legal team can fight back against allegations of fraud.

What are some possible consequences of DUIs in Minnesota?

If you are facing DUI charges, then you may already be working with your attorney on a defense. It's also important that you understand the potential consequences of a conviction, so you can discuss which outcome, if it has to be a conviction, would be preferable.

How can I admit a crime and still defend myself?

If you were caught stealing, have been accused of a violent crime, or are otherwise working with your attorney to fight your charges, it's important to consider the kinds of criminal defense strategies available. Innocence is not the only argument you can make to help you reduce your penalties or imprisonment length.

Sex-offender program to get an overhaul in Minnesota

If you've been charged with a federal crime or been placed on a federal sex-offender's list, this program news coming out of Minnesota may be good for you to hear. In the past, sex offenders may have been imprisoned with little to no way to work their way out of prison, even though they were meant to eventually be rehabilitated and placed either on probation or released. As someone in this position, it may be time to speak with your attorney about what these changes can mean for you, because you could be eligible for parole or even moving to a less-restrictive environment.

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