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July 2015 Archives

Have you been charged with narcotics sales in Minnesota?

It is highly illegal for individuals to sell substances like cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, heroin and prescription drugs. Those who police suspect have engaged in drug sales activity will be arrested and charged with drug sales crimes. Typically, these individuals will face other drug-related charges as well -- like drug possession and drug paraphernalia possession crimes.

Some facts about child exploitation and federal criminal charges

Minnesota, and particularly the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, currently has a crisis concerning the exploitation of children for the purposes of sex trafficking. In fact, the FBI has listed the Twin Cities as one of 13 cities throughout the nation where child prostitution occurs with high-frequency. Here are some important facts about these particular types of crimes involving children:

Minnesota DUI offenses

Getting arrested on drunk driving charges in Minnesota is not an everyday occurrence for the average driver; however, DUI and DWI charges are some of the most common criminal charges that individuals might face in the state. They also come with serious consequences if you are convicted of the allegations. For this reason, it is important that drivers familiarize themselves with DUI laws and potential punishments in order to avoid getting accused of such offenses.

Defending against murder and homicide charges in Minnesota

Murder and homicide charges are categorized into first, second and third degree. First-degree murder is the most severe charge and it comes with the harshest punishments for those convicted. Meanwhile, third-degree offenses are less severe in terms of punishment.

A DUI conviction might prevent you from finding employment

With last week's news that Minnesota is toughening up DUI laws, some people might be concerned about the implications of that change. One way that it might affect some people is if they have to go through a background check before being hired or once they are hired.

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