If you have been charged with prostitution or solicitation, you are facing a very difficult time and this means you need legal assistance to help you through the process.

The laws that address prostitution and solicitation can be difficult to navigate, even if you are guilty of the crime. However, you should not sit back and accept the charges because there may be a factor in your case that could result in reduced charges or even the dismissal of your case. A violation of your rights could end with one of those results.


The definition of prostitution is the engaging, offering to engage, or agreeing to sexual contact for money or another form of payment. Prostitution has a close link to pandering, solicitation, and loitering with the intent to sex traffic. Some of the charges include:

  • Engaging in sexual activity for a fee
  • Loitering in a public place with the intent to solicit
  • Receiving money that is the result of prostitution or the promotion of prostitution of an individual of any age
  • Soliciting or inducing an individual to perform prostitution
  • Prostituting in a park or school zone
  • Pimping of an individual, which is the promotion of prostitution

It is important to have a Minnesota prostitution lawyer working for you if you are charged with any of the above. A conviction can be serious business and it is something that is to not be taken lightly. Whether you are charged with prostitution or charged with being a patron of prostitution, you need a solid criminal defense because a conviction can lead to very severe consequences, such as prison time and fines.


If you are convicted of prostitution, you could be subject to a prison sentence as long as 20 years with up to $40,000 in fines. However, there are many cases when prostitution is considered a misdemeanor, but that does not mean that you should not turn to your Minneapolis criminal defense attorney to help you fight the charges.

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