Felony Strangulation

Felony Strangulation is the act of impeding circulation or preventing another person from being able to normally breathe by applying pressure to the neck or throat or blocking the mouth or nose.

A person can commit strangulation with their hands or any object that can block airways. If found guilty of this crime, it’s a felony conviction with a sentence of 3 years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

Felony strangulation falls into the same category as domestic assault. If a family member is assaulted by strangulation, then there can be a charge of domestic assault involved as well. These are very serious charges that can have life-changing consequences. If you have been charged with such crimes, then you need a Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer to help you fight the charges.

From the time you are accused, you are not allowed to have contact with the victim. There may even be an order for protection against you to ensure that contact does not occur. If it does, then you could be arrested. It does not matter if you are innocent or guilty; if that order is in place, it needs to be followed.

In addition to the three year prison sentence and the fine, other consequences can include a tarnished reputation, difficulty obtaining employment since most employers do not hire felons, the inability to go to college, find a place to live, and even get a loan. You could even find it impossible to acquire a professional license. The consequences are steep, which is why they must be challenged aggressively.

In order for a felony strangulation case to lead to conviction, the evidence must be irrefutable.

Unfortunately, strangulation can be used as a way to frame another or get some kind of revenge.

It must also be proven by the prosecution that the act of strangulation was not some kind of self defense. This means the investigation goes well beyond the parties that are involved. With the proper defense, the facts can be brought out in the case and the proper outcome can be reached.

If you have been accused of felony strangulation, it is very important that you fight the charges aggressively because it is possible for you to have an outcome that is much better than what you could have otherwise.

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